16 Dec, 2015

Component set

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Christmas is near and people are getting very busy in rush hour Christmas shopping! The streets are now very crowded. Lots of malls are on midnight and big sales for Christmas..I can say that we are not not excited and prepared yet for this celebration because all of my family are scattered around the world specially our parents who are not with us but thank God my sister can now celebrate Christmas with them coz long time ago she never celebrated Christmas with our dearly parents. Though our Christmas is lonely as the night we still finding a way to celebrate it, since we don’t have a component for videoke we planned to purchase a videoke machine set so we can sing and tune the sound loud on Christmas eve as we are about to embrace the Christmas. What I like more is that tha component has also have
cd recorders. We are so excited for our new component who could help make our Christmas enjoyable.

08 Dec, 2015

My problem with stretchmarks

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I had the most mumber of stretch marks when I gave birth with my first baby and I also started to feel the itcheness now in my 17th week to my second, oh I cant control my hands from scratching my belly. I regret I never had an anti stretch cream before, I am saying goodbye to 2piece beach attire! Haha who told me I can wear that piece? Even I have the perfect belly, hubby wont allow me to wear that kind of attite! Lol! I have a lot of things I never did during my first pregancy, first I regret I never use a gurgle for my sagging belly, second, by not minding the stretchmark! Well, I learned a lot this time and will follow some mother’s advise on how to take take of my body even if I just gave birth.

02 Nov, 2015

At the peak

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Two weeks ago we had an hang-up with my friends birthday. There, my team was completed, our music stuff are all there, and I played the bass guitar. While we were at the peak of our presentation, my string was cut and I was not able to play well. That if I use lo rider I can make sure that it was strong enough because of the quality. A big lesson I’ve learn. As a bass guitarist this embarrassment are seldom happened.

31 Oct, 2015

Fully enjoy

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How can we differentiate with the word happy and joy? This questions was asks by me once with my students at IGBI, they once puzzled because they told me the meaning were almost the same. So I told them, aside from the spelling, the meaning it has. So I started explaining what I mean. Happiness is outward, while the joy is coming from the inside, meaning a man could be happy in  his appearance but deep inside his heart aren’t, to be happy is sometimes facial but when we say we are enjoy, meaning it comes from the bottom of our heart. This is my feeling with my marriage. I’m supper happy with Lougyn at the same time fully enjoy my life.

31 Oct, 2015

Spent time together

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The most accurate meaning of the word love is the availability of time. For almost a whole day I and my hubby spend time together, we knew were busy but we enjoy this day, we chatted, eating and drinking not just because of holiday but it was planned ahead of time to spend with one another together. I love my hubby, and I knew him also to me.

19 Sep, 2015

Internet connection

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Internet connection in our area is very limited and slow thats enables me to do my work faster. It delays everything, online trAnsaction and even the communication with my family is affected. We are thankful enough for the technology that made us closer from each other even though we are miles and oceans away with my loved one but sometimes the slow internet connection didnt allow it. I think I need to get a m audio fast track ultra driver. Internet connection is very vital now a days, it has been a part of our lives, it made our work very easy and effecient. I just wish the internet provider would give us faster connection as we expected because we are paying enough for the services they are giving us.

05 Aug, 2015

For God’s glory

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Our team in the music decided to participate in propagating God’s message of salvation to the lost souls through music. Young people are so fond with it and through live music we can catch their attentions. Yesterday we discussed if how it should be done and what are the best thing we need to do. We also discussed about the need to upgrade our instruments and gadgets especially with the amp deals because we will go outside, an open door to cater the vast number of spectator. Hopefully this plan might be successful, for this is not for us but for God’s glory.

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05 Aug, 2015

By God’s grace

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The more knowledge and skills you have, the more responsibilities you may. That’s exactly what I felt in the in the place where I am today. As if I know a lot even its not. I have to be strong and tried my best because our ministries are just in the beginning of stage. Some people around us are hesitant to recognize responsibilities because they are still babe in Christ. I felt I need to quit but I cannot because I don’t want God to blame me if what may happen for this. I knew soon it will be alright by God’s grace.