11 Feb, 2016

Civic welfare

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I am very pleased and admire people who exert effort for civic welfare for they mind not only for their own but also for others. A few months ago my niece told me that the masonic group in their place helps their school building and gave some bags and school supplies for the less fortunate students. Parents are also happy and encourage their children to give more values in studies for someday they can help others also. Later, while we were in the mall for groceries I saw my friend wearing shirts with a masonic print and also wearing his masonic ring. Out of my curiosity we talked and he is proud when I asked him about it, so I also asked, where did you buy your ring? He smiled and said just visit joy jewelers masonic rings and they have a lots of design so I say thank you, and also thinking might be later I will become their member.

07 Feb, 2016

Sleep problem for pregnant women

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Sleeping problem is one of the problem expextant mother would experience in the 9th month journey pregnancy especially during third trimister this is due to some factors. First, because of the growing fetus inside the uterus, lying down is like your are drowning and cant breath normally that is why side lying is the position of choice that would help pregnant to have zzzzzzz sound in the evening! Left side lying is the best position and right side lying is not that prefered because of the anatomical reason. Our vena cava which is the opening of the heart is located in our left, this is responsible for blood circulation so if deprived we could have a poor circulation during our sleep. I would also suggest to have lots of pillow for support in the back, between the legs.

I am on on my 26weeks and this is one of the problem that I encounter this time but I manage it with the help of my soft pillows. If you ever experience this dont you worry this is not forever and this is normal for pregnant in 3rd trimister. This wont take so long so enjoy every moment of life while you are waiting for that special creation inside your body to come out:)

29 Jan, 2016

learning many things

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I am happy that my sister introduced me to this blogging activities! A great opportunity for me to know a lot of things in this world. A good way also to express my emotion through writing! This helps me a lot not only for monetary gain but most importantly it teaches me lots of things in this world like knowing some product that I just heard. It is important to know how it works and whats that product for? Well, this knowledge I can use for the future for sure. Like egnater rebel 20. I dont know about this before but now I am slowly acquainted with different kind of instruments and amps and many more.

29 Jan, 2016

My flower girl

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My baby is now a little lady! How time flies! It seems that just I gave birth to her but now she is invited to be a flower girl many times already in a wedding! Though I didn’t witness her to walked in the aisle last week but still I am very happy and proud of her! I told hubby to have a video when its her turn and yes the video was so cute. For me she is the most beautiful flower girl and I am proud shes my one and only daughter!

04 Jan, 2016

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25 Dec, 2015

Original product

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Most of the consumers are so conscious in buying products they needed, for me I need to make sure the quality, the price and the brand. I remember the time when we were in Hongkong my hubby told me to make sure the stuff we buy are not fake, that time we bought flute and the flute brands was check thoroughly. From now on we will not buy that cheap but low quality products. I prefer to choose expensive product that will last longer.

25 Dec, 2015

The essence of Christmas

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Not to deny the fact that people around us are too busy in this holiday of Christmas. Gift giving and enough food to eat to celebrate Christmas, but what is really the essence of Christmas? First and foremost this must be a celebration by commemorating the time when Jesus came on earth, that was the greatest gift for mankind for later of His life He gave Himself by dying at the cross and by the momment a person will accept and recieved him as our personal savior and Lord he or she may obtain eternal life in heaven. The second since God is love, merciful, humble, forgiving etc. these must be seen to us especially for those who trusted and believed on Him.

16 Dec, 2015

Work of his hands

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My father are blessed with multiple talents and we are so proud and thankful to God. He is an extra ordinary father. One of those are assembling a soundbox of his own, we have a lot of boxes in the house and it sounds great. As we had Audiobox reviews we found out that his soundboxes and that of commercial one is almost the same in power and quality. Instead of buying one for us we prefer to borrow one from my father but we are planning to buy one for our own in the future.