12 Jun, 2016

Sing with your guitar

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16 May, 2016

A letter to my firstborn

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It is hard to be a mother of two in the same time its very fulfilling! Yes, they are true that being a mother is the toughest job on earth. A love that willing to sacrifice her life for the sake of her children. I got a hard time dealing with my toddler now as she’s already a big sister to her sibling and I wrote her a letter for her to read when she’s getting older and here it is.

Dear Gyndy,

We were afraid of how would you react to your new baby sister, we understand that you have been through a lot of adjustments now and so we are! Please know that we still and always love you and you will always be our first love, our firstborn! Sorry if mommy sometimes shouted at you because you will not listen to me. I forget that I should also attend to your needs! Nak mommy is still in pain this time, pls understand me if I easily get angry with you! I just want to tell you nak that I love you both equally and thank you for being mommy’s little helper! Cant imagine life without you helping me this time! I love you so much Ate Gyndy! I know deep inside even if you will not show it, you are happy and excited for your baby sister! Seeing you cut your sister’s umbilical cord made me teary eyed! I could still remember you encouraging me to push more when you already saw your sister’s head coming out. Your words gave me strenght to give my last force to push. I thank God I made it! I love you mga anak and hope you two will not only be sisters but also be bestfriends for life!

30 Apr, 2016

Income out of it

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Sometimes having a lot of sound boxes here in the house is very irrititing because of our limited space! Its one of dad’s collection and hobby! But this time having lots of american audio vms4 priviledge because lots of politian are now renting sound boxes for their campaign because the national and local election is just 8days away it means we can have an income out of it! My little brother is the that take incharge of it while dad is not around.

30 Apr, 2016

Successful delivery

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Praise God from whom all blessings flow! I gave birth to our second baby girl yesterday very successful! I thank God for giving me strenght to bear the most sweetest pain a mother could experience! In myself alone I can never bear it but God is an awesome God! Thank you for the the people that was part of my experience most especially to my sister for her experties, love and care! I am forever greatful to her! I am so lucky to have her attended my birth and delivery experience!

05 Apr, 2016


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In our church we used to update our musical equipments at-least twice a year and we got a hard time of finding and choosing those gadgets. We need to have an actual visits. Of course we made sure that the stuff we have are good and sophisticated. While surfing I found the musicians friend catalog and it looks great, we can save our time and find it so easy by just clicking your Ipad or computer. Longing to do this in the future.

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05 Apr, 2016

Same love

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Few days ago I spent a quality time with my little, while chatting she told us mom and dad my sister is coming and I knew I will become an Ate which means an older sister, she told me that we should never forget to show our love to her bigger than her sister because she is bigger than her. She is five year old but thinking like a teenager. We knew as a parent that our children thought like this and we need to educate and tell them that our loves with them are the same and we should not show any favoritism. We should treat our children on the same level of love and care.

It is not yet final but my parents are planning already to come home where their hearts belong from the land of milk and honey. We are excited for their return since we missed them a lot. We want to spend time with them since they are getting old already. We want them to enjoy life to the fullest. Of course as a tradition of giving present when someone is from other country even though they are not working there but still they want to give us what we want. My daughter requested a troley pink school bag with lights, oh my Im not sure if they can find that. My younger brother wants a Fender American guitar since he is fond of collecting musical instruments. For us, present is not important as long as they will arrived safe and healthy that’s all that matters to us. Can’t wait for that day when we can have parents in the house again.

24 Mar, 2016

Remembering God

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Even though we are not celebrating Holy week like other religion but we are still remembering Gods great sacrifices and pain before he died on the cross to redeem the world. God the father gave his only son to the world because of his love for all mankind. Let us think about it and just believing and let God be the driver of their lives will be saved. We don’t need to re enact God’s experiences on the the cross of calvary but by believeing Him, confess and let God enter into our hearts then we can have eternal life with God and that is the most important refrections on this holy week.