06 Dec, 2016

Can make my day complete

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Seeing my children in a happy mode can make my day complete.  A few weeks ago we went to the new City Hall to witness the opening and the lighting of the tallest Christmas tree in the country, there we saw lots of presentations including the Christmas caroling contest, at stage we saw a little girl, maybe she was 8 or 9 year old playing her guitar while watching I notice my daughter as if she’s holding a guitar too. That time I decided to enroll her in the music school and bought some Guitar-A-Thon for her.

05 Dec, 2016

What money means?

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Money means
M- monitor Gods blessings entrusted to us, meaning it is our responsibility to take care of it.
O- means, ownership, the owner and the source of everything is no other than God himself. Remember, we are just steward.
N- means, nothing, meaning nothing to lose and we must use it wisely and accordingly.
E- means everyday, meaning each day is our chance to obtain money and we should work hard for it, today will never be the same for tommoror
Y- means you!, meaning you alone are responsible for your money, if you spend it unwisely and all are gone, its your fault and if it increases then that because of you.

03 Dec, 2016

Its her descretion

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Sometimes I can think a lot of non sense things especially if I am bored and tired. Sometimes life is unfair! I dont know but I dont feel to like my sister in law espeacilly when they posted pics showing the gift that she gave to her niece and nephew but never tried to give to her brothers kids..I am talking about my kids. I really dont like to see it. Yea I am jelous but who Am I to get mad or hurt? I am still so lucky to have sisters who always spoil my kids a lot.

Its her discretion to give and I dont have any rights to ask her anything! If only I knew that she is giving my kids cousin a guitar I would suggest that she would go to the guitar center for quality and affordable guitar for her favorite nephew and niece.

01 Dec, 2016

Thy will be done

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I feel a bit nervous because tomorrow will be the date of interview for us, applicant. Though I went to a several job interviews but I feel the same every time. I am hoping and praying for it but I don’t expect too much for the position because its hurt if you don’t get what you have hoped and prayed for. I just submit it to God. I know he already arranged everything according to His will and purpose! I feel a bit nervous but Aja I can do it tomorrow by God’s grace! Help me God! I acknowledge that I am nothing without you.

Responsible parents care so much their children not just for the present but for the future as well. We’re here to guide and mold their lives, we are here to protect and provide their needs. I remember last time with my little girl when we were at the park, we saw a group of children playing flute and diamond head ukulele, it was amazing and great for as early they are, they can play the music well. Praying and hoping for my daughter to become a good musician in the near future.

31 Oct, 2016

What is best

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No wonder why there are some people who never alleviate the status of life and still in the poverty line, this because of lack of passion to do so, they don’t care for their future and Just rely their luck on others, they are not responsible with the given tasks and often good when someone look at them. These statements were taught to us at the training center. Every time and wherever learning always reminds me and often seen this life to the people around me. Hoping for what is best in the future.

31 Oct, 2016

Her best

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Just this morning I got a surprise with my little girl, at the age of six, she manage to cook a hot cake. I felt she loves cooking like me. For sure someday I will bring her to the culinary school. I want the best for her future.

31 Oct, 2016

My dream

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I do not forget Neil when he was young, maybe he was four or five year old that time, at church after the worship service he said, someday I will be like him. He was referring to the musician in front, ten years later we met and I saw him part of the music team and he was playing brass from wwwbw . What a meaningful dream he had, it was just simple but admirable. It reminds my dream that till now still not fulfill.