02 Feb, 2017

Class discussion

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After my class I sat down and pondering the topic we discuss. I taught Christian Psychology and we were able to see the vast difference with the psychology used in secular. We found out in our studies that before secular psychology came, the practice of Christian psychology exist long ago. Lot of scriptural evidences in the bible that site about the application of psychology.

02 Feb, 2017

Music stuffs

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Every now and then, we as musician see to it that our stuffs are new and updated. We do not use second class but we use for what is the best. We saw this and found out the best guitars. Without any hesitations, we decided to have these in our music stuff. A few days after our orders sent we used it and so great. I love it and I’m sure you will feel the same if you can have it too.

02 Feb, 2017

Feeling excited

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I’m glad for I was able to go back with my teaching Job in IGBI. I stop for almost a year because of my schedules that I have to attain first. The salary is not attractive but it feels me fulfilled of my calling. A lot of things are excited and feels me happy there. Hopefully, time come I can give them the best of my time for them.

29 Jan, 2017

Best place

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I ordered shoes online for my baby but unfortunately I got a smaller size and is very tight! That is why I dont like to order online if it with sizes! I like the shoes, i think I landed to the best place but I got disappointed only with the size! If only they put sizes on their product I could estimate it but Its ok. A lesson learned to be careful next time.

25 Jan, 2017

Beautiful view

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Im on my way to work one morning and I was amazed to see this beautiful view! Perfect to start my day thinking to one who made this! Indeed God’s creation is perfect! There must be a creator up above and I am praising Him for who He is!

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16 Dec, 2016

Proud parents

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I am just a very proud mama of my 6year old eldest daughter for having violin session sponsored by the city. It was my dream that I can witness her playing violin on stage! Thanks Gos she has an interest with it. Me and her daddy is also giving our 100% support to her. It is our joy to see our daughter in extracurricular activies and develop her talents in music instruments! After the violin we already scheduled her to korg ms2000 and many other instruments so that she can have a multiple talents in playing different instrument! We are the most happy parents and we wish her nothing but to give her a very bright future by making her prepare for what’s life ahead.

06 Dec, 2016

Can make my day complete

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Seeing my children in a happy mode can make my day complete.  A few weeks ago we went to the new City Hall to witness the opening and the lighting of the tallest Christmas tree in the country, there we saw lots of presentations including the Christmas caroling contest, at stage we saw a little girl, maybe she was 8 or 9 year old playing her guitar while watching I notice my daughter as if she’s holding a guitar too. That time I decided to enroll her in the music school and bought some Guitar-A-Thon for her.

05 Dec, 2016

What money means?

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Money means
M- monitor Gods blessings entrusted to us, meaning it is our responsibility to take care of it.
O- means, ownership, the owner and the source of everything is no other than God himself. Remember, we are just steward.
N- means, nothing, meaning nothing to lose and we must use it wisely and accordingly.
E- means everyday, meaning each day is our chance to obtain money and we should work hard for it, today will never be the same for tommoror
Y- means you!, meaning you alone are responsible for your money, if you spend it unwisely and all are gone, its your fault and if it increases then that because of you.