07 May, 2017

Memories to keep

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It is every couple’s wish to have a most memorable and a perfect wedding. It only happens once in a lifetime. One factor that will make it memorable is to have a nice video coverage that would cover the overall wedding experience. I really regret during my wedding we did not get a professional photographer and a videographer during our time. Aside from lack of finances, video coverage is not that in compare today where video coverage is in demand. Thanks to  zoom h2n for the nice and clear video memories though we did not get a professional one but we have cam recorder. It is so nice to reminisce the past by seeing old photos and videos of us during the most memorable timeline, that is our Wedding day.

01 May, 2017

Nurtured or Hereditary?

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Is intelligence hereditary or can it be nurtured? The nature versus nurture debate is one that has raged long and hard. Innumerable studies have been conducted and what has been resolved is that intelligence is something that is hereditary, but that environment can play a role to enrich it. How? Every parent would like to see his or her child excel. And if parents give the right kind of stimulation even an average child can excel, that’s a proven fact. On the other hand, if there is a lack of stimulation, even a bright child will not reach its full potential. One kind of stimulation to make your children ages 4 to 14 excel is interacting with tutor, that helps your child make significant academic progress in an innovative tutoring environment, after your own instructions.

07 Apr, 2017

Picks for picking

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Some guitar experts prefer to used picks to produce good music sound or for picking type of play but there are also some who used barely the fingers to play specially like me who is a begginer. check it out for many kinds of picks. I only know the basic in guitar but my husband is very good in it,  I just missed those time when ‘he plays and I sing moment before when we dont have kids yet but I know we can do it again now together with our daughters who is showing talent in singing already in their very young age.

31 Mar, 2017

Youngest sibling

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Our parents were blessed with seven children, we are witnessed how hard our life was when we were still small like do, re, mi..haha! Our parents sacrificed a lot just to raise us all with just a little income of our father, mon also doing her best to have extra income aside of from father. I know it is not easy for them. Now, that I am a mother already I now feel how hard it is but very fulfilling and satisfying. I was 9 when our youngest brother was born. We were all grown up when he came. Now, not surprisingly he gets what he wants and wishes from his six older siblings. Recently, he requested a fender super champ x2 from our sister’s abroad and granted. We see a potential in him in music that is why we are supporting him all the way and even give him the instruments that he wish he have.

30 Mar, 2017

Bread and pumpkin

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In Ukraine, when the groom, his parents and friends ask the bride’s parents for her hand, they come with a Ukrainian “round loaf” that is placed on an embroidered towel made by the bridegroom’s mother. The breadis topped with salt. If the bride agrees, the elders decide the time and venue of the wedding. But if she is unwilling, she gives them a pumpkin.?

30 Mar, 2017

My daughter is a violinist

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  1. We are the proudest parents tonour daugther who were having her violin recital on stage. It was my dream to enroll my eldest in a violin class and I am so happy everything was realized and seeing her on  stage is a best feeling as a mother. I am thankful to our local government to have this kind of program in which children and youngteens are given a chance to enhance their talents in music. I believe that everyone of us has our own talents and gift from God, and we need to discover and improve it. I was so happy that my daughter is the one benificiaries of these project. During the music night there we witnessed children showcasing their talents with the help of their very good coaches. Aside from violin, guitar, keyboard, bass ukulele and a lot more was showing what they have learnes during their sessions. My baby is still in the basic yet but I believe she will become a good violinist someday.

24 Mar, 2017

Safe drinking?

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Doctors maintain a no-no on alcohol consumption. However, international health agencies set the moderate alcohol level at two drinks per day for adult men and a drink for women. (A drink is measured as one 12-ounce bottle of beer or wine cooler, one 5-ounce glass or wine, or 1.5 ounces of distilled spirits.) Alcohol rushes into your blood, it impairs your central nervous system, which may make your walk unsteady, cause blackouts, or make you lose your sense of balance. alcohol dehydrates the body, depriving it of vital electrolytes. It takes to weeks to get the alcohol out of your body, do you know that? Binge drinking causes a rapid drop in bloood sugar levels (hypoglycemia). Binge drinkers are more likely to suffer a tell-tale signs the morning after which may range from headaches to nausea and vomiting. Long term effects may involve liver problems including cirrhosis or psychiatric disorders such as dipsomania (alcohol dependency).

21 Feb, 2017

Paulina Gretzky Announces Second Pregnancy

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It’s time for another baby! Paulina Gretzky, the beautiful 28 year old daughter of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, took to Instagram on Friday to announce that she is expecting her second baby with pro golfer fiance Dustin Johnson.


Paulina announced her pregnancy by posting a photo of her sitting cross legged in her bed, holding up the ultrasound picture and cradling her baby bump. In the photo, she wore a cream colored sweater that hugged her bump tightly, and no pants, showing off her toned legs. Her newest dog, Perla, was also pictured. Dustin and Paulina got engaged back in 2013, and have a two year old son named Tatum together.


Paulina revealed that the two actually met back in 2011, when her mom played a golf tournament with Dustin, and subsequently hooked them up! So cute!We really enjoy the pictures of Tatum that Paulina and Dustin post on their social media pages, and we will surely be following along with her pregnancy progress! Congrats to the happy couple!