22 Apr, 2015

Glad to know

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Glad to know that my hubby is applying for an ordination at the conference, this is his one reason why he wants to be there on the said event.  He called me this afternoon saying that at last the interview with him was over, he was surrounded with great leaders of the Mission, the purpose of these interview is to make sure he has the right doctrine and believed the grace doctrine which is from Jesus Christ through apostle Paul. The result will be in next day. I hope he will pass and be ordained under Grace Church. The purpose of ordination is for him to minister a wedding and dedication.

It is my desire that God will still use him in the ministry effectively. I know he has many flaws, weaknesses and shortcomings, I always prayed that he will have a humble heart, not planting a hatred in his heart that would destroy his life. That he will live a peaceful life together with me and my daughter. I know I have a great part for his life and ministry. I am willingly support him as the Lord called him to do His works.

20 Apr, 2015

My old friend

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One week ago we went to de leonor with my family, we spent time there for a day and we enjoy the place. So many places we haven’t gone yet and we felt a day, a full day is not enough to roam around the place. De leonor is a big place, a getaway place for family bonding and friends, it’s like Sentosa in Singapore. We saw many rides and a place for music bar and adventures. At the bar we saw my old friend performing in the front as part of the music team. Later I realized that I need to train my daughter and planning to buy a guitar at Musicians friend. I knew, someday she will become a great musician.

18 Apr, 2015

Hey, look at my flowers!

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It is really my joy to see my flowers blooms and giving flowers. It is my desire to offer it to God every Sunday at church! He is one one giving them life so I offer them back to Him. I’m glad that my hubby and daughter supported me in this hobby of mine, they also helped me picking and taking care of my flowers in my little garden. I always look up to the Creator, who makes all things grow.

Here is the picture of my freshly picked flower which I offered to church last Sunday, Isn’t that lovely? Yes, Indeed! I always thank the Lord for my flowers!

18 Apr, 2015

Transfer of office

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We are all so excited to transfer to our new office, we were out for 3 months while the construction was on going. For the mean time, we are using the pharmacy office . Now, we are just waiting for our heavy duty drawer slides from ovis to come and the air conditioning to be installed inside. We gonna have a very nice office, and we will have a uniform table with the standard of International Standardization of Organization. We are congested as of the moment because we have 4 newly hired staff with us. We are so excited to see our new set up.We know everything will be arranged and will be put into order, we just need to lengthened our patience.


18 Apr, 2015


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Thank you Lord for you goodness and mercy and for hearing all my prayers! The long wait is over, finally our rotation of assignment at work has been done and I love my new work assignment. No reports and everything, I just have quota to finish everyday and I love it. I can have my day off any days not just on weekends. Perfect for our upcoming Thailand tour! I am so excited. I hope my leave of duty will be approved so I can go with my family abroad! There are challenges will come on my way,  I know I can surpass it with the guidance of the Creator. Thank you Lord!

15 Apr, 2015

Save more @ iprice

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Shopping has been a part of one’s life, it’s a thing that will make us satisfied and confident with ourselves, it promotes self-worth. We wanted to be looking good from the clothes down to the shoes that we are wearing. It is a vital and physiologic need of a person. Shopping is good when you are wise in spending with your money and when you don’t spend it for such a non-sense things. Just a tip, don’t trust sites which you think illegitimate, don’t be fooled. Honestly speaking there are lots of online selling now. Weigh them, choose the one you think you can have more savings. I can say that is the best site to go to!

Have you heard about iprice? This is a site which offers big big big discounts and you can have a lot of saving while having your favorite’s stuffs. They also are giving coupon codes for Zalora and Lazada products. They have variety of stuffs to choose from, from clothing and accessories, gadgets down to home and living and a lot more. Just a perfect site for you to discover and explore,  a shopping experience that you won’t regret because they are not only offering discounts and promos, they also known for the good quality of their products. I love iprice, a site which made my heart and mind to stop thinking of other site for shopping anymore. I just found it and bookmarked it for my future shopping. Go to iprice now and avail the big saving you could ever have. It’s very hassle free, you shop with the comfort of your own.

03 Apr, 2015

Spend quality time

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We are not Catholic but we are happy for this holy week because our company recognized it. Meaning we are in holiday too and we have no office for work this time. Meaning, we can spend more time together with our family and love ones. As a parent we need to make sure that we able to place separate and quality time for our children. Later when they grow up something important they learned from us because taught for what is the best for them. I saw an advertisement in the television that says ” What are shown by the children from their parents are always right from their eyes” meaning our life today has an impact for our children’s future and we need to make it sure that the influence we have today are the influence we expected for their lives in the future.

16 Mar, 2015

My opinion

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I know we like collecting things especially if we are thinking that a stuff that we have are useful in our daily lives, in my opinion I like to collect a moss scuttle here not because of its uniqueness but also a kind of a stuff that we can use in our everyday living. I remember my friend whose collection was a cartoon character toys, of course I cannot judge him why he chooses to collect that but in my opinion I think it was useless and meaning less.