05 Aug, 2015

By God’s grace

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The more knowledge and skills you have, the more responsibilities you may. That’s exactly what I felt in the in the place where I am today. As if I know a lot even its not. I have to be strong and tried my best because our ministries are just in the beginning of stage. Some people around us are hesitant to recognize responsibilities because they are still babe in Christ. I felt I need to quit but I cannot because I don’t want God to blame me if what may happen for this. I knew soon it will be alright by God’s grace.

16 Jul, 2015

Because it is handy

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My little girl studied music since when she was 2 year old. She tried piano but later turned to ukulele because this instrument is handy and can be brought to anywhere and anytime, she is 4 year old now but almost five but she can play the basic very well. Month ago we went to the music store and bought ukulele capo and it help her a lot especially for using the same key but doing in a higher pitch. I want her later to become professional. This is my desire and looking forward.

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09 Jul, 2015


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The common problem for the second or third christian generation is faith and trust to our God. Sometimes we are not sure of what God can do in our lives, we are hesitant to invest things for His glory. Honestly speaking I was one of them, but when I started to reflect and of being sensitive of what happened and what god is doing in my life, that’s the time that fully trust on Him all things. Right now I serve Him through Galilee and I felt fully the happiness that are coming inside me. I knew only God can do. My life is happy and fulfilled.

24 Jun, 2015

Master’s bedroom

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We are very lucky to have a very workaholic dad on earth. Even though he’s getting old already he make sure to finish the house that he started to renovate for us. We really appreciate everything he did. One of dad’s masterpiece is the master’s room, its like a hotel room with hot and cold shower on it with full garnished and appliances on. Its our first time to have this, its very good and spacious, it can accommodate us all in the family. Dad prepared this for my sisters arrival. Ate bought a sofa, bed sheets, rush printed table cover, carpet, curtain and many more which gives more attraction that made a room a very conducive for sleep and rest. We are like in a hotel in fact we are just in our own home. Thank you Lord!

20 Jun, 2015

Save for the future

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One of my sister always telling me to save, save for the future! Yes I take her advice, it is very important to save money for the future or emergencies. I would say that I am not good in budgeting with regards to our finances but I always do my best to reserve something out of the salary and other benefits I got from my company. I already experienced having an empty pocket and it is very hard! Because of many obligations to pay monthly I can’t save that much but at least I saved some for emergency and for the future of our family.

05 Jun, 2015

We decided

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Early this month we decided to enroll our daughter to a music school offered by the city government for free. We decided for her to study saxophone because that music is so interesting, though most of us as members of the family are musicians yet saxophone is quiet far to us. By this mind we ask our daughter to study it and she found it interesting. Our problem was what reed to buy and where? Later my sister in law told me to order online so we can chose the best and hustle free.

05 Jun, 2015

I’m not feeling well

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Today so many things I need to do but I can’t. I got a fever and a cough that cause me to feel bad. I still have to make something to do even at home for me to have an accomplishment even just so little for today. I can’t stay doing nothing. Hopefully some of my paper works will be done today. Lord please gives me strength.

22 May, 2015

Enough time I spent

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If we desire for the best music, as a musician we should have to dedicate our lives and spend enough time for it. A lot of people, even musician by talent, still do the same. We cannot possess or easily obtain such thing unless we will not do it as I mention above. For me as a musician and a teacher of music, do I have a good hearing for music yet still I do the same.