27 Nov, 2017

Car Safety First

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Last month was a very busy days for us. To have all the family members gather together in one place is very seldom to happen. The reunion of my great family! Reunion won’t be complete without travels. We planned ahead of time our itinerary for 2 weeks. My sister from the US will be our driver. Oh my we were amazed how good driver she is. That zigzag road like be. She drove it simply with confidence. I really admire her and she gave me courage to learn driving also.

Before going out for a trip make sure that the car is in good condition. Car safety is the top priority. I can list here some simple tips for car safety and find more at

  • Don’t drive if you are drunk. If you are drunk, don’t drive. A lot of accidents that are alcohol related.
  • Don’t let the engine start without everybody wearing the seat-belt on. This is always a reminder that sometimes hard to follow. Our local government is not that strict in terms of wearing a seat-belt. You are so lucky enough if you are caught by a cop. Well,  this is not for the cop but for safety above all.
  • Control your speed limit. This became a law especially in the city. Maintaining a speed is very important to minimize damage or if any when into accidents. The higher the speed the higher it may cause damage.
  • Learn to give way. There are so many drivers I should say who never give way on the road. Don’t be hurry. Always follow the traffic signs.
  • When driving at night, always let you lights low when there is a driver approaching. This can help a driver avoid sight confusion/blurry that somehow may lead to accident.
  • Focus your eyes and mind on the road. If you are lack of sleep then rest and have a nap. Have someone in the front seat who knows how to keep the driver always on the go.
  • Lastly. Always start your day with a prayer for safety travel. God intervenes and answer prayer to those who are faithful.

How about you guys what are your helpful tips in car safety?

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