01 Sep, 2017

Importance of sleep

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I could still recall and remember how our mother force us to sleep during noon time when we were still a kid. A simple family living in a countryside when life is easy and not complicated as life here in the city. I dont know why we really hate to sleep during noon time. Maybe because all in our mind is to play play and play. Now I appreciate, value and understand how our mother wants us to sleep for us to rest our minds and body which is vital in growing up. Now, that we are grown up, I could wish to bring back time where sleep is not a problem. Now even though we have some time but its already hard to sleep, because of so many things in the mind. We need to sleep 8hours a day in order to maintain the homeostasis in the body but due to lots of factor, we could hardly achieve the right number of hour of sleep. Now I wish I am still a kid where sleep in not a problem, only our mother force us to sleep even if we dont want to.

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