22 Jun, 2017

Wearing a Wig is the last option

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This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. Everyday I really feel bad about my very dry, full of split ends and curly wavy hair but cannot do anything to fix it because I am currently expecting. Its really hard for me to go to work with this kind of hair! I am entertaining clients everyday and being a goverment employee I need to look good infront of them. But what can I do now? I need to accept the fact that my hair was damaged when I started to go to salon for hair straigthening and treatment. It makes the hair look good actually but its not lasting and I am just making my hair to get brittle and dry. Oh well! Thanks to artificial hair or what we call wig for it gives me hope! I think this is my last option to make! There are wigs that you cannot recorgize it looks like real hair. Ive seen a lot in the internet and in the mall, and guess what wigs are getting very affordable this time. Therefore I conclude hair is our crowning glory! It gives impression to a person and sometimes telling us who we are! We should take care of our hair, it maybe a dead cell but it gives life to a person wearing it. #Divatress #beauty #ad

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