31 Mar, 2017

Youngest sibling

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Our parents were blessed with seven children, we are witnessed how hard our life was when we were still small like do, re, mi..haha! Our parents sacrificed a lot just to raise us all with just a little income of our father, mon also doing her best to have extra income aside of from father. I know it is not easy for them. Now, that I am a mother already I now feel how hard it is but very fulfilling and satisfying. I was 9 when our youngest brother was born. We were all grown up when he came. Now, not surprisingly he gets what he wants and wishes from his six older siblings. Recently, he requested a fender super champ x2¬†from our sister’s abroad and granted. We see a potential in him in music that is why we are supporting him all the way and even give him the instruments that he wish he have.

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