30 Mar, 2017

My daughter is a violinist

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  1. We are the proudest parents tonour daugther who were having her violin recital on stage. It was my dream to enroll my eldest in a violin class and I am so happy everything was realized and seeing her on  stage is a best feeling as a mother. I am thankful to our local government to have this kind of program in which children and youngteens are given a chance to enhance their talents in music. I believe that everyone of us has our own talents and gift from God, and we need to discover and improve it. I was so happy that my daughter is the one benificiaries of these project. During the music night there we witnessed children showcasing their talents with the help of their very good coaches. Aside from violin, guitar, keyboard, bass ukulele and a lot more was showing what they have learnes during their sessions. My baby is still in the basic yet but I believe she will become a good violinist someday.
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