11 Feb, 2016

Civic welfare

Posted by: gisha In: beauty and accessories l

I am very pleased and admire people who exert effort for civic welfare for they mind not only for their own but also for others. A few months ago my niece told me that the masonic group in their place helps their school building and gave some bags and school supplies for the less fortunate students. Parents are also happy and encourage their children to give more values in studies for someday they can help others also. Later, while we were in the mall for groceries I saw my friend wearing shirts with a masonic print and also wearing his masonic ring. Out of my curiosity we talked and he is proud when I asked him about it, so I also asked, where did you buy your ring? He smiled and said just visit joy jewelers masonic rings and they have a lots of design so I say thank you, and also thinking might be later I will become their member.

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