22 Apr, 2015

Glad to know

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Glad to know that my hubby is applying for an ordination at the conference, this is his one reason why he wants to be there on the said event.  He called me this afternoon saying that at last the interview with him was over, he was surrounded with great leaders of the Mission, the purpose of these interview is to make sure he has the right doctrine and believed the grace doctrine which is from Jesus Christ through apostle Paul. The result will be in next day. I hope he will pass and be ordained under Grace Church. The purpose of ordination is for him to minister a wedding and dedication.

It is my desire that God will still use him in the ministry effectively. I know he has many flaws, weaknesses and shortcomings, I always prayed that he will have a humble heart, not planting a hatred in his heart that would destroy his life. That he will live a peaceful life together with me and my daughter. I know I have a great part for his life and ministry. I am willingly support him as the Lord called him to do His works.

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