24 Oct, 2014

It hits me to the nerve

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I really felt depressed knowing that I never did my best as a mother to my daughter. I never took good care of her teeth that she is suffering now from toothache and tooth decay. I envy other mother whose children are free from tooth decay. My heart is crushed every time I see my daughter crying because of tingling pain brought by tooth decay, it hits me to my nerve, I cant do nothing to stop her from crying. If only I practiced her to brush her teeth three times a day, she wouldn’t suffer now. I also noticed that she started to develop bad breath due to the decays.

I shouldn’t stop forcing her when  when she wont brush her teeth before, she was not really trained to do so. I will be the one to be blamed and I admit it. A lesson learned. I will promise and will do my best and make sure to take good care of the teeth of the second baby in the future.

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