05 Jul, 2014

Keep the fire burning

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I am not a  wife every man wished for, I am not perfect I should say, no I’m not, I have lots of flaws and weaknesses but this is not the kind of life I wished to experience. To be honest I have regrets because of my major decisions of yesterday, if only I listened to my family’s advice I would not have been experiencing this bumps in my married life. I can see now the true color of the person I vowed to live with in sickness and in health. He is not the person I married 5 years ago. He changed a lot in all aspects of his life. I cannot bring back the time again, I should accept the consequences of the wrong decisions I made all my life. Well, seeing my daughter growing up too fast, sometimes I forgot everything and thankful that I have her as a gift from God to us. Lord I surrender everything to you! Please restore my love again for my husband, pls bring back again the sparkling of my eyes and keep the fire burning.

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