23 Mar, 2009

Phone torch for Symbian OS v5

Posted by: gisha In: cell phones|Symbian OSv9 l

Phone torch, Nokia 5800 XM One of the handy and free applications for Symbian OS 9.4 version 5, the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic phone, is the PhoneTorch, by H. M.. It is very user-friendly. With just one tap on the start/stop screen and your have your flashlight on and off, and change color from white to red.

The app uses the tube’s built-in dual LED flash as a torch, and therefore, produces a very bright light. This could however heat up the ‘lamps’ fast and may damage your device, especially if you use it intensively as of this stage of its development. So use it wisely.

You can download PhoneTorch from here.

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