02 Dec, 2010

Cartoon character

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If someone asks you to replace your profile pictures to a cartoon character from your childhood, what would yours be? Each of us has this favorite cartoon characters when we were kids, and I should say this is mine, Samurai X!, the hero that fights to protect the poor and oppressed against the bad people, in the time when Japan was ruled by a sword. But of course, in the end, the true fight is not by violence.

Kenshin Himura: We once fought together for an ideal with our swords. It wasn’t for power or for glory, but to create a peaceful world where people could live without fear. And, if you should forget about that, then what did we fight the revolution for?

Ah, those were the days of innocence, and children are innocent of the bad ways of the world that we should protect them against violence, knowing everything that happens to them or what they see everyday will remain in their mind. Part of protecting them is to teach them the traditional values of our time, that we should stand for.

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