03 Dec, 2010

Texts are all caps in Photoshop Elements

Posted by: gisha In: computers|tutorial l

Somehow the settings or preferences in my Photoshop Elements Editor was changed. I’m not sure if the psd image I opened at one point in time with a font that is not installed in my laptop was the cause, but I noticed now my application text tool types all in capital letters, no matter what font I use, and I can’t get it to write in lower case texts. And I know it is inside Photoshop because text works alright in Corel Paint Shop Pro. But thankfully, I got it working again. If your Photoshop Elements type tool is all in caps, try this:

Open the Photoshop Elements Editor and quickly hold down the CTRL + Alt + Shift keys until a pop up window appears. It asks to delete or reset your preference or settings. Choose “Yes”. And that will do the trick!

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