22 Mar, 2009

“Emergency calls only”

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"Emergency calls only"My Sony Ericsson phone has been displaying the message “emergency calls only”. Sometimes I have a bar or two or three but it shows that message in place of my operator/ logo, which is Globe, in the Philippines. True enough, it can’t receive texts/SMS or calls when I tried it with my Nokia tube phone. “Emergency calls only” means that we can make emergency calls to agencies like fire, police, or ambulance service only in your present location through our phones. It happened when I inserted the SIM card to my other phone, it worked okay but later on, the signal just disappeared for several days!

I was thinking that maybe I have changed some phone settings that affected it that much. But I tried my Smart Communications SIM card on this phone and it worked fine.

So maybe my Globe SIM card, which comes as freebie with my tube purchase, may be kind of locked or damaged, which is true in other cases.

Or maybe I am just in a location barely receiving signal from Globe. Indeed, I am inside our house most of the time, and it is likely the case. To make sense out of it I went outside in the open where I am sure I would get no interference and viola, the message “emergency calls only” disappeared. My SIM card is not corrupt after all. When you phone display show the message “emergency call only”, it is likely that the phone and the SIM card are alright, ie if you have paid your bills, but you just have difficulty accessing the network. And I found out that when you set your cell phone’s network connection to automatic, you will get this message, and when you set the network connection to manual, it would display “select network?” instead. So if other people climb to their roof in order to get a signal, you may change location too.

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