16 Nov, 2010

Solution for iPod or iPhone getting wet

Posted by: gisha In: Apple|cell phones l

I was very accurate; in placing my iPod on the certain spot of the chair; listening to the music; while I was up on the ladder painting a deer stand. See, it has not been finished yet and the roof just had a temporary tarp for cover. I said accurate because when the wind blew, some water went directly down to my iPod. Even when it was lying flat, some moisture still got inside, and so began my problem. The display became blurry down to 50%. That got me worried of course, and I did things to it I should have not done or I guess I should not. But I finally got it working normal again. If your iPod or iPhone ever gets wet, just like what others advised, put it in a bag of rice, mine inside the dispenser, let it stay for few days, and you could revive it back. I had to check mine after one day, it was still bit blurry, but eventually the rice ‘absorbs’ the moisture out, and its display works perfectly again. Aren’t these Apple products very sensitive to moisture!

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