22 Oct, 2010

Nokia voice-guided navigation

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I had been extra careful with my driving, and never exceeded the speed limit, because I have to have a clean driving record, but now I got the full benefit. I am very thankful. My friend has been in my side, supporting and giving me company, and even driving on the way to New Orleans for our immigration stuff. She’s a good experienced driver, and come on, there are times we have to drive over the speed limit, right? When you’re in the interstate and everyone is running over 70 mph, you can’t march on the road. We had with us our little handy GPS thing which was so helpful in keeping us on the right route. One thing though I notice about the Nokia Maps/GPS device that I have not seen in the Garmin GPS is that it tells you to “Observe speed limit”. Isn’t that great?! Oh well, each of us got few ‘reminders’ from that masculine voice, it surely helps so much. We are so thankful we got home safe and sound, and observing the speed limit. For hey, we are good girls! Wink!

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