04 Jan, 2010

Deleted photo recovery

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It’s an accident we don’t want to happen, but sometimes with just one click of the pointer or the mouse deletes one or wosrt, all digital photos of great importance and event we could not replace. Regrets of all regrets. If we could just undo it. Gladly there are many softwares available to recover deleted files, photos from different media, flash drive, SD memory cards, etc. I have tried some but well, we will have to pay after being teased with the result of the photos that were lost that they could recover, but you have to pay in order to recover them. But before that, surely there must be some photo recovery softwares that are as good but free to use, huh? Reliefs of all reliefs, PC Inspector Smart Recovery sponsored by Convar did just the job perfectly! I finally recovered the deleted photos from SD card, and even the old ones that were long deleted accidentally. At first though I could not make the program to run, there is a dll error that prevented it from starting. But when I run it as computer administrator did the trick. I am so glad, really happy. Imagine the irreplaceable pictures that are really important. The program is very easy to use, we just have to select the device where we want to recover files from, select file type, and the folder you want to save them into. And when you open that folder, recovered photos are already there. If you have a lot of file, it will take some time for it recover them all but it is so much worth the wait. Data Recovery also is free and easy to use, and I also recovered some of the photos and videos. It’s great to recover the deleted photos, is it not?

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