04 Sep, 2009

Netbook wifi

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So SO finally got his replacement Netbook. We liked it right then, and I made a mental nod and note to buy one for my brother as a gift. And the fact that it makes some sounds when it is idle is cute if you are not so used to it yet. He was getting to know his gadget and whatever stuff he was doing that should not be interrupted or left alone that he would bring it with him on his visit to the ‘comfort’ room. Several days later I found him shopping for wi-fi antenna/booster or a router on the main desktop that crashes the moment when you don’t really want it to, the moment you don’t know. He admitted that his internet connectivity is kind of slow as well as everything else exploring. I took back my mental nod, I made a mental shake, ‘uh-uh’, not yet. I am waiting when this wireless gadget will come and see what he has to say this time. These days, usually the smaller the gadget is and the more compact, sometimes it is better, but with netbooks? If he can’t have faster and speedy internet connection at least as fast as what we got now, but when the access is so much slower, no one likes it very much.

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