19 Aug, 2009

New Netbook

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My SO has not been lucky with computers these days. The main computer had just crashed, and we got a new CPU which is also moody; his new laptop is also sulking; now he decided to settle with the new Netbook, the one that is 10.1 inches wide and has 10.5 hour battery life.

I know how hassling is it to carry normal laptops while traveling, especially inter-continental. From arrival to departure gates, those laptops would suddenly feel heavy on the shoulders, but thanks for the “rollers” on my carry-on bag, my shoulder blades were relieved from the burden. I used to think that it is cool to see people traveling with their notebooks, well I still do, for how convenient it would be for us to be updated through the world wide web once we sit down on the airport after carrying the heavy electronic thing, and luckily finding ‘free wifi’, or sometimes in business lounge, be given free access, if paying for it ourselves doesn’t appeal much for just checking emails, if waiting to come to our final destination to connect is like eternity away?

So this little personal computer is a convenience for his travels; he just need one that has Wi-Fi capability so he can pull his emails and save his documents. With his build it must be really uncomfortable carrying his normal laptop that is still considered ‘new’ since he had not made much use of the 64-bit stuff because it crashed (either it’s the faulty pc itself or whatever he was doing that made a critical damage to it) and he doesn’t believe on the manufacturer anymore. We were excited for it to come but the days drag by and no Netbook came. And he just found out today that it is lost in transit, how come, no one can tell. Speaking of being un-lucky with PC’s. But at least Amazon is replacing it. Has to. But the thing is, it does not matter if the computer is wide screen or small one like the tiny netbook, SO just have to auto-focus his eyes on the display, he is just as addict to the thing. But I would not want him to be left behind though, afterall, the netbook is the guy’s talk in his office.

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