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31 May, 2017


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Heading to the beach may be the most exciting part of summer. It is almost always part of the itinerary this season for most people. Others prefer to give in to their adrenaline rush climbing that mountain slope or just about anything that gets you that summer tan to fit in the crowd. Did you […]

08 May, 2017


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Exercise helps to burn off excess energy and take your mind off the stresses and strains of modern day life. Aerobic exercise is an effective way of helping to make you tired enough to switch off. As you exercise you also release endorphins, which help you, feel good, ease pain and can help to reduce […]

07 May, 2017

Memories to keep

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It is every couple’s wish to have a most memorable and a perfect wedding. It only happens once in a lifetime. One factor that will make it memorable is to have a nice video coverage that would cover the overall wedding experience. I really regret during my wedding we did not get a professional photographer […]

01 May, 2017

Nurtured or Hereditary?

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Is intelligence hereditary or can it be nurtured? The nature versus nurture debate is one that has raged long and hard. Innumerable studies have been conducted and what has been resolved is that intelligence is something that is hereditary, but that environment can play a role to enrich it. How? Every parent would like to […]