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16 Dec, 2016

Proud parents

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I am just a very proud mama of my 6year old eldest daughter for having violin session sponsored by the city. It was my dream that I can witness her playing violin on stage! Thanks Gos she has an interest with it. Me and her daddy is also giving our 100% support to her. It […]

06 Dec, 2016

Can make my day complete

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Seeing my children in a happy mode can make my day complete.  A few weeks ago we went to the new City Hall to witness the opening and the lighting of the tallest Christmas tree in the country, there we saw lots of presentations including the Christmas caroling contest, at stage we saw a little […]

05 Dec, 2016

What money means?

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Money means M- monitor Gods blessings entrusted to us, meaning it is our responsibility to take care of it. O- means, ownership, the owner and the source of everything is no other than God himself. Remember, we are just steward. N- means, nothing, meaning nothing to lose and we must use it wisely and accordingly. […]

03 Dec, 2016

Its her descretion

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Sometimes I can think a lot of non sense things especially if I am bored and tired. Sometimes life is unfair! I dont know but I dont feel to like my sister in law espeacilly when they posted pics showing the gift that she gave to her niece and nephew but never tried to give […]

01 Dec, 2016

Thy will be done

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I feel a bit nervous because tomorrow will be the date of interview for us, applicant. Though I went to a several job interviews but I feel the same every time. I am hoping and praying for it but I don’t expect too much for the position because its hurt if you don’t get what […]