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It is not yet final but my parents are planning already to come home where their hearts belong from the land of milk and honey. We are excited for their return since we missed them a lot. We want to spend time with them since they are getting old already. We want them to enjoy […]

24 Mar, 2016

Remembering God

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Even though we are not celebrating Holy week like other religion but we are still remembering Gods great sacrifices and pain before he died on the cross to redeem the world. God the father gave his only son to the world because of his love for all mankind. Let us think about it and just […]

20 Mar, 2016

Thanks to cozywinters

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We’ve been missing our parents in the United States but to know that they are in good hands with my sister! Our home is very different without their presence or we can say its not a home anymore! But we are seeing a different side of the situation still they are so lucky to be […]

20 Mar, 2016

It’s a baby Girl!

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At 33weeks finally my baby shown her gender in the ultrasound! My second baby is a girl! Though hubby expecting a boy still we are very happy to have another princess in the family! I really felt so happy and amazed while seeing her in the monitor! I can’t described the feeling! God is so […]

18 Mar, 2016

I like it

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As part of the team, a civic service organization in our place I felt great for it fulfills my heart seeing other people happy while you are serving them. Few days ago we rescued several families in the next town, their houses are burned to asses so we were there to assist and gave something […]

11 Mar, 2016

House renovation

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It was my long time dream to have a descent kitchen, dining and laundry area in the house and at last It is now slowly realized! The renovation is now ongoing and Im so excited! At long last we now have a so calles kitchen and dining area! Weve been using our sala as our […]