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11 Feb, 2016

Music tips

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If you love music and if you are a musician you have to make sure that the music stuff or instrument you will be using has quality because the sound produce in music differs with the instruments we used. For example a comparison with a class A drum machine compared to class B, classification of […]

11 Feb, 2016

We love to travel

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We love to travel, my whole family were able to visit Shenzhen China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore, we’ve seen lots of beautiful scenery and the experienced of being with your love ones outside the country is very awesome and unforgettable. Our love becomes deeper and deeper our relationship become stronger and it help a […]

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11 Feb, 2016

Civic welfare

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I am very pleased and admire people who exert effort for civic welfare for they mind not only for their own but also for others. A few months ago my niece told me that the masonic group in their place helps their school building and gave some bags and school supplies for the less fortunate […]

07 Feb, 2016

Sleep problem for pregnant women

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Sleeping problem is one of the problem expextant mother would experience in the 9th month journey pregnancy especially during third trimister this is due to some factors. First, because of the growing fetus inside the uterus, lying down is like your are drowning and cant breath normally that is why side lying is the position […]