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24 Jun, 2015

Master’s bedroom

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We are very lucky to have a very workaholic dad on earth. Even though he’s getting old already he make sure to finish the house that he started to renovate for us. We really appreciate everything he did. One of dad’s masterpiece is the master’s room, its like a hotel room with hot and cold […]

20 Jun, 2015

Save for the future

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One of my sister always telling me to save, save for the future! Yes I take her advice, it is very important to save money for the future or emergencies. I would say that I am not good in budgeting with regards to our finances but I always do my best to reserve something out […]

05 Jun, 2015

We decided

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Early this month we decided to enroll our daughter to a music school offered by the city government for free. We decided for her to study saxophone because that music is so interesting, though most of us as members of the family are musicians yet saxophone is quiet far to us. By this mind we […]

05 Jun, 2015

I’m not feeling well

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Today so many things I need to do but I can’t. I got a fever and a cough that cause me to feel bad. I still have to make something to do even at home for me to have an accomplishment even just so little for today. I can’t stay doing nothing. Hopefully some of […]