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29 Jan, 2015

Raining outside

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So many things I need to do today but it’s still raining outside, started early this morning till this moment the rain never stops. I was reminded when I was a child that I almost drown because of flood. Now I still have fear and trauma if heavy rains are coming. My child today is […]

25 Jan, 2015


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Accident won’t tell, few days ago we got a motorcycle accident. I got only a small wound in my feet but daughter was so pity because she got a lot. As a mother I felt the pain she had and wish to feel in behalf of her, I always cry and thought about what had […]

21 Jan, 2015

I’m happy for you

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It is our desire to have a successful life and a good career for our future. Undoubtedly, because we are humans, we have pride to boost our selves and this is normal especially if something great are coming and positive atmosphere are felt. My hubby and I were praying for the stability of my job […]

21 Jan, 2015

I realized

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Lately, I saw my daughter singing alone in her room and I noticed that even her voice was so good the song she sung was always be the same song. I realized as a parent that I haven’t teach her a new song for how many months. As a parent and a musians friend I […]

16 Jan, 2015


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Thank you Lord we are now recovering from the damages after the accident. Wounds are getting better and the pain slowly gone. I considered it as a dream. It taught us many lessons, first, to be careful always, stay focus and drives slowly, second, always wear a helmet for the head protection and third, always […]

14 Jan, 2015

A nightmare

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For me it was like a dream or a nightmare but after my consciousness came back, I realized that it was really happening! We got accident on our way to work. It is so hard to believe but I need to face the reality. I don’t remember any but I do remember I was very […]