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30 Mar, 2009

How to remove Bonjour service

Posted by: gisha In: Adobe|Apple|tutorial

I don’t like it so much when something is running or installed on my laptop without my knowledge or without knowing what it does to my machine. You don’t like it too, do you? From time to time I check what programs appear on my program files and it was one of those routine checks […]

29 Mar, 2009

Multiple networks in Vista

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I have had this annoying problem of getting Internet connection through my wired LAN adapter. I am on Windows Vista operating system and using Dell XPS laptop. I had not had this problem before, but recently, I cannot connect to the Internet and my network status detected multiple networks, usually after my computer wakes up, […]

27 Mar, 2009

The new Internet Explorer 8

Posted by: gisha In: browsers

A version of Internet Explorer browser optimized for Yahoo! is available for download in several languages. There are several new features that are impressive and I admit they are good. One is the home page option. If before there is just one home page you can set, now you can add as many websites as […]

23 Mar, 2009

Phone torch for Symbian OS v5

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One of the handy and free applications for Symbian OS 9.4 version 5, the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic phone, is the PhoneTorch, by H. M.. It is very user-friendly. With just one tap on the start/stop screen and your have your flashlight on and off, and change color from white to red. The app uses the […]

22 Mar, 2009

“Emergency calls only”

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My Sony Ericsson phone has been displaying the message “emergency calls only”. Sometimes I have a bar or two or three but it shows that message in place of my operator/ logo, which is Globe, in the Philippines. True enough, it can’t receive texts/SMS or calls when I tried it with my Nokia tube phone. […]

I was excited browsing my new Nokia 5800 XpressMusic “tube” phone and knowing that I can download so many apps makes me restless only to be stopped by “Expired Certificate” error message, therefore I cannot download the apps available to my touch screen phone. This could not be! So I set it aside and start […]

20 Mar, 2009

YouTube video no longer available

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Have you had encountered an error while watching YouTube videos? I had one that says “video no longer available”, a video that I uploaded on that hour that I was able to watch two times. That was on Internet Explorer browser, but when I tried to watch it in FireFox, it works like magic. Another […]