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03 Feb, 2017

Short vacation

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Family is love. My father and my mother together with my sister are now on their way to our home they will come here for a short vacation. The last time we spent together was the death of my grandmother and I think that was more than a year. My sister is busy in her […]

02 Feb, 2017

Feeling excited

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I’m glad for I was able to go back with my teaching Job in IGBI. I stop for almost a year because of my schedules that I have to attain first. The salary is not attractive but it feels me fulfilled of my calling. A lot of things are excited and feels me happy there. […]

25 Jan, 2017

Beautiful view

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Im on my way to work one morning and I was amazed to see this beautiful view! Perfect to start my day thinking to one who made this! Indeed God’s creation is perfect! There must be a creator up above and I am praising Him for who He is!

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31 Oct, 2016

What is best

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No wonder why there are some people who never alleviate the status of life and still in the poverty line, this because of lack of passion to do so, they don’t care for their future and Just rely their luck on others, they are not responsible with the given tasks and often good when someone […]

31 Oct, 2015

Fully enjoy

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How can we differentiate with the word happy and joy? This questions was asks by me once with my students at IGBI, they once puzzled because they told me the meaning were almost the same. So I told them, aside from the spelling, the meaning it has. So I started explaining what I mean. Happiness […]

31 Oct, 2015

Spent time together

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The most accurate meaning of the word love is the availability of time. For almost a whole day I and my hubby spend time together, we knew were busy but we enjoy this day, we chatted, eating and drinking not just because of holiday but it was planned ahead of time to spend with one […]

05 Jun, 2015

I’m not feeling well

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Today so many things I need to do but I can’t. I got a fever and a cough that cause me to feel bad. I still have to make something to do even at home for me to have an accomplishment even just so little for today. I can’t stay doing nothing. Hopefully some of […]

16 Mar, 2015

My opinion

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I know we like collecting things especially if we are thinking that a stuff that we have are useful in our daily lives, in my opinion I like to collect a moss scuttle here not because of its uniqueness but also a kind of a stuff that we can use in our everyday living. I […]