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03 Feb, 2017

Love your work

Posted by: gisha In: computers|softwares

I got this online job for almost ten years and I love doing this. Thank you ilok for the help in maintaining my computer’s condition. There are times that I felt tired but as I continue doing with love tiredness are gone. Few things I’ve realized; Love your work. It’s either your boss is present […]

03 Dec, 2010

Texts are all caps in Photoshop Elements

Posted by: gisha In: computers|tutorial

Somehow the settings or preferences in my Photoshop Elements Editor was changed. I’m not sure if the psd image I opened at one point in time with a font that is not installed in my laptop was the cause, but I noticed now my application text tool types all in capital letters, no matter what […]

03 Jun, 2010

High tech PC

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It’s laughin’ time. How’s this for a high tech, creative computer unit? I love the mouse!


04 Sep, 2009

Netbook wifi

Posted by: gisha In: computers

So SO finally got his replacement Netbook. We liked it right then, and I made a mental nod and note to buy one for my brother as a gift. And the fact that it makes some sounds when it is idle is cute if you are not so used to it yet. He was getting […]

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19 Aug, 2009

New Netbook

Posted by: gisha In: computers

My SO has not been lucky with computers these days. The main computer had just crashed, and we got a new CPU which is also moody; his new laptop is also sulking; now he decided to settle with the new Netbook, the one that is 10.1 inches wide and has 10.5 hour battery life. I […]