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02 Dec, 2010

Cartoon character

Posted by: gisha In: network

If someone asks you to replace your profile pictures to a cartoon character from your childhood, what would yours be? Each of us has this favorite cartoon characters when we were kids, and I should say this is mine, Samurai X!, the hero that fights to protect the poor and oppressed against the bad people, […]

29 Mar, 2009

Multiple networks in Vista

Posted by: gisha In: network

I have had this annoying problem of getting Internet connection through my wired LAN adapter. I am on Windows Vista operating system and using Dell XPS laptop. I had not had this problem before, but recently, I cannot connect to the Internet and my network status detected multiple networks, usually after my computer wakes up, […]

22 Mar, 2009

“Emergency calls only”

Posted by: gisha In: cell phones|network|tutorial

My Sony Ericsson phone has been displaying the message “emergency calls only”. Sometimes I have a bar or two or three but it shows that message in place of my operator/ logo, which is Globe, in the Philippines. True enough, it can’t receive texts/SMS or calls when I tried it with my Nokia tube phone. […]