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16 Nov, 2010

Solution for iPod or iPhone getting wet

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I was very accurate; in placing my iPod on the certain spot of the chair; listening to the music; while I was up on the ladder painting a deer stand. See, it has not been finished yet and the roof just had a temporary tarp for cover. I said accurate because when the wind blew, […]

19 Dec, 2009

iPod Touch rocks

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Posted from iPod Touch 64gig.

10 Jul, 2009

The best iPhone yet

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It is called the best iPhone yet, the most powerful, and with the speed of things these days, we would want the gadget that does things the fastest, don’t we. But maybe in a few months or in less than a year, another gadget will take the throne of the “most powerful” yet in the […]

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30 Mar, 2009

How to remove Bonjour service

Posted by: gisha In: Adobe|Apple|tutorial

I don’t like it so much when something is running or installed on my laptop without my knowledge or without knowing what it does to my machine. You don’t like it too, do you? From time to time I check what programs appear on my program files and it was one of those routine checks […]