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02 Feb, 2017

Class discussion

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After my class I sat down and pondering the topic we discuss. I taught Christian Psychology and we were able to see the vast difference with the psychology used in secular. We found out in our studies that before secular psychology came, the practice of Christian psychology exist long ago. Lot of scriptural evidences in […]

05 Dec, 2016

What money means?

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Money means M- monitor Gods blessings entrusted to us, meaning it is our responsibility to take care of it. O- means, ownership, the owner and the source of everything is no other than God himself. Remember, we are just steward. N- means, nothing, meaning nothing to lose and we must use it wisely and accordingly. […]

24 Mar, 2016

Remembering God

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Even though we are not celebrating Holy week like other religion but we are still remembering Gods great sacrifices and pain before he died on the cross to redeem the world. God the father gave his only son to the world because of his love for all mankind. Let us think about it and just […]

25 Dec, 2015

The essence of Christmas

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Not to deny the fact that people around us are too busy in this holiday of Christmas. Gift giving and enough food to eat to celebrate Christmas, but what is really the essence of Christmas? First and foremost this must be a celebration by commemorating the time when Jesus came on earth, that was the […]

05 Aug, 2015

By God’s grace

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The more knowledge and skills you have, the more responsibilities you may. That’s exactly what I felt in the in the place where I am today. As if I know a lot evenĀ its not. I have to be strong and tried my best because our ministries are just in the beginning of stage. Some people […]

09 Jul, 2015


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The common problem for the second or third christian generation is faith and trust to our God. Sometimes we are not sure of what God can do in our lives, we are hesitant to invest things for His glory. Honestly speaking I was one of them, but when I started to reflect and of being […]

15 Feb, 2015

Nothing shall be impossible

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Hello world good morning, just wake up early in the morning and start my day with prayer. The realities of life matter most with our faith and trust Him, He is our God who takes in control for everything even to the smallest part of our life. The most important thing we do is to […]