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02 Feb, 2017

Full support

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My six year old daughter right now is having fun in her violin studies and I think for a few weeks she can play very well. I saw her potential in music and might be a music teacher later. Yesterday she told me about Musicians Friends woodwind instruments and I think she is starting to […]

02 Feb, 2017

Music stuffs

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Every now and then, we as musician see to it that our stuffs are new and updated. We do not use second class but we use for what is the best. We saw this and found out the best guitars. Without any hesitations, we decided to have these in our music stuff. A few […]

06 Dec, 2016

Can make my day complete

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Seeing my children in a happy mode can make my day complete.  A few weeks ago we went to the new City Hall to witness the opening and the lighting of the tallest Christmas tree in the country, there we saw lots of presentations including the Christmas caroling contest, at stage we saw a little […]

Responsible parents care so much their children not just for the present but for the future as well. We’re here to guide and mold their lives, we are here to protect and provide their needs. I remember last time with my little girl when we were at the park, we saw a group of children […]

31 Oct, 2016

My dream

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I do not forget Neil when he was young, maybe he was four or five year old that time, at church after the worship service he said, someday I will be like him. He was referring to the musician in front, ten years later we met and I saw him part of the music team […]

05 Apr, 2016


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In our church we used to update our musical equipments at-least twice a year and we got a hard time of finding and choosing those gadgets. We need to have an actual visits. Of course we made sure that the stuff we have are good and sophisticated. While surfing I found the musicians friend catalog […]

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It is not yet final but my parents are planning already to come home where their hearts belong from the land of milk and honey. We are excited for their return since we missed them a lot. We want to spend time with them since they are getting old already. We want them to enjoy […]

11 Feb, 2016

Music tips

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If you love music and if you are a musician you have to make sure that the music stuff or instrument you will be using has quality because the sound produce in music differs with the instruments we used. For example a comparison with a class A drum machine compared to class B, classification of […]