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05 Apr, 2016

Same love

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Few days ago I spent a quality time with my little, while chatting she told us mom and dad my sister is coming and I knew I will become an Ate which means an older sister, she told me that we should never forget to show our love to her bigger than her sister because […]

11 Feb, 2016

We love to travel

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We love to travel, my whole family were able to visit Shenzhen China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore, we’ve seen lots of beautiful scenery and the experienced of being with your love ones outside the country is very awesome and unforgettable. Our love becomes deeper and deeper our relationship become stronger and it help a […]

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03 Apr, 2015

Spend quality time

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We are not Catholic but we are happy for this holy week because our company recognized it. Meaning we are in holiday too and we have no office for work this time. Meaning, we can spend more time together with our family and love ones. As a parent we need to make sure that we […]

29 Jan, 2015

Raining outside

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So many things I need to do today but it’s still raining outside, started early this morning till this moment the rain never stops. I was reminded when I was a child that I almost drown because of flood. Now I still have fear and trauma if heavy rains are coming. My child today is […]

25 Dec, 2014

Merry Christmas to all!

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I am so thankful for all the blessings I received this month, December! A Christmas celebration all over the world. This is a time of sharing and giving gift to family and loved ones. It’s out tradition to give our gifts on December 31, during our watch night service at church. A time for everyone […]

15 Sep, 2013

At the end of the day

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In my married life, everyday is not always pure happiness, it includes quarrel, misunderstanding and some disagreement between me and my husband. Because we were raised up with different environment and style, our attitude differ. As time goes by we also discover some good and bad side of each other but the good thing is, […]