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31 Mar, 2017

Youngest sibling

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Our parents were blessed with seven children, we are witnessed how hard our life was when we were still small like do, re, mi..haha! Our parents sacrificed a lot just to raise us all with just a little income of our father, mon also doing her best to have extra income aside of from father. […]

30 Mar, 2017

Bread and pumpkin

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In Ukraine, when the groom, his parents and friends ask the bride’s parents for her hand, they come with a Ukrainian “round loaf” that is placed on an embroidered towel made by the bridegroom’s mother. The breadis topped with salt. If the bride agrees, the elders decide the time and venue of the wedding. But […]

30 Mar, 2017

My daughter is a violinist

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  We are the proudest parents tonour daugther who were having her violin recital on stage. It was my dream to enroll my eldest in a violin class and I am so happy everything was realized and seeing her on ¬†stage is a best feeling as a mother. I am thankful to our local government […]

21 Feb, 2017

Paulina Gretzky Announces Second Pregnancy

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It’s time for another baby! Paulina Gretzky, the beautiful 28 year old daughter of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, took to Instagram on Friday to announce that she is expecting her second baby with pro golfer fiance Dustin Johnson. ¬† Paulina announced her pregnancy by posting a photo of her sitting cross legged in her bed, […]

29 Jan, 2017

Best place

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I ordered shoes online for my baby but unfortunately I got a smaller size and is very tight! That is why I dont like to order online if it with sizes! I like the shoes, i think I landed to the best place but I got disappointed only with the size! If only they put […]

16 Dec, 2016

Proud parents

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I am just a very proud mama of my 6year old eldest daughter for having violin session sponsored by the city. It was my dream that I can witness her playing violin on stage! Thanks Gos she has an interest with it. Me and her daddy is also giving our 100% support to her. It […]

05 Dec, 2016

What money means?

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Money means M- monitor Gods blessings entrusted to us, meaning it is our responsibility to take care of it. O- means, ownership, the owner and the source of everything is no other than God himself. Remember, we are just steward. N- means, nothing, meaning nothing to lose and we must use it wisely and accordingly. […]

03 Dec, 2016

Its her descretion

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Sometimes I can think a lot of non sense things especially if I am bored and tired. Sometimes life is unfair! I dont know but I dont feel to like my sister in law espeacilly when they posted pics showing the gift that she gave to her niece and nephew but never tried to give […]